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is our primary focus and involves legal aspects of the use of computers, software, and the internet to create, process, store, retrieve, analyze, and exchange information and data. Websites, text messages, mobile devices, streaming music and movies, social media, and countless business and management information systems are examples of increasingly common information technology systems. IT encompasses nearly all of the electronic technologies in use in modern times, whether it’s in your business, home, or even in your car.

Our information technology law practice is broken down into two broad areas.

The first area deals with business transactions and contracts involving IT and deals with a very wide variety of legal issues in the development, procurement, implementation, ownership, use, licensing, subscription, sale, and distribution of computers, software, and IT systems. These transactions might include • preparation, review, and negotiation of numerous contracts, policies, processes, notices, disclaimers, and other documents used in IT transactions • legal and business analysis and advice concerning opportunities, risks, and liabilities related to information technology, and • assistance with development of strategies for IT and e-commerce.

The second area deals with information security and data privacy, and with governmental and organizational rules and regulations controlling the use of and access to IT systems, information, and data. These issues consist of proprietary, security, and access rights and obligations of any organization or individual using IT. We provide advice and assistance on development, review, and implementation of strategies, processes, and policies for security, privacy, and compliance in this area. We also advise and assist when systems, data, and information have been compromised through breaches, hacks, ransomware, and other malevolent activity.


is our secondary focus and involves legal aspects of a wide variety of commercial transactions, contracts, and issues related to the organization and operation of businesses. We represent clients regarding • choice of entity • organization • operation • corporate governance • management • strategic alliances • joint ventures • mergers & acquisitions • financing • capitalization • shareholder & member matters • buy-sells • contracts • and buy and sell transactions with customers and vendors.

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